Earthquake swarm in Western Czech Republic

Last update: 5 September 2011 at 12:36 UTC

The Western part of Czech Republic, near German border, region of Novy Kostel, is experiencing an important seismic activity since the end of August 2011.  According to the testimonies who answer our questionnaire, at least 15 of them have been felt in the District of Cheb, Western Czech Rep. and in the Eastern part of Saxony, Germany (one of them has been felt until Leipzig).

According to the West Bohemian Seismic Network, this swarm started on August 23rd and more than 10,000 earthquake have recorded by their network until Sep 05th. This swarm occurs in the same place as the October 2008 one where more than 10,000 earthquakes were recorded in 7 days. For more information on this seismic swarm, very complete and detailed information is available on the West Bohemia seismic network web page.