Magnitude 4.7 in North-West of SPAIN 10/06/2006 06:18 UTC

Experience reported by people in different cities
who felt the earthquake and filled the
online questionnaire

In Ponferrada (17 km NW of epicenter ; population=65,449)
- 5th floor : moderate trembling.

In Luyego (20 km E of epicenter ; population=865)
- Ground floor : moderate trembling. Loud sound roaring. Doors rattled.

In Bembibre (23 km N of epicenter ; population=9,818)
- 1st floor : moderate trembling. Everyone noticed it. Books fell over.

In San Andrès del Rabanedo (74 km E of epicenter ; population=27,199)
- 1st floor. Weak trembling.

In León (76 km E of epicenter ; population=136,227)
- Ground floor : Moderate trembling, woke up many people. Doors rattled.
- Ground floor : Faint roaring sound.
- First floor : Doors rattled.
- 5th floor : Doors rattled.

In Benavente (79 km SE of epicenter ; population=18,169)
- Ground floor : weak trembling, pictures on the wall moved.

In Mieres (108 km NE of epicenter ; population=23,108)
- 6th floor : weak trembing. Moved the pitures on the wall.

In Lugo (111 km NW of epicenter ; population=91,859)
- 4th floor. Weak trembling. Pictures on the wall swayed.

In Castrillón (112 km N of epicenter ; population=45,716)
- 4th floor. Weak trembling. Pictures on the wall swayed.

In Oviedo (116 km NE of epicenter ; population=211,398)
- 8th floor : weak motion.
- 4th floor: Weak trembling. Many people noticed it.
- 6th floor: Weak trembling. Doors and crockery rattled.

In Braga, Portugal (188 km SW of epicenter ; population=121,394)
- 8th floor : No real shake but people noticed it. Crockery rattled a little.