ML 4.8 SPAIN on April 23rd 2006 at 05:31 UTC

Experience reported by people in different cities
who felt the earthquake and filled the
online questionnaire


In Carballo (62 km SE of epicenter ; population=30,034)
- Heard noise. Woke up people. Moved furniture.

In A Coruña (66 km SE of epicenter ; population=242,619)
- 10th floor, movement felt, bed moving, closed windows (door window) and open doors with noise.
- 2nd floor, it moved the pictures on the wall.
- 4th floor, dishes and doors made noise.

In Ferrol (70 km E of epicenter ; population=77,189):
- 3th floor, dishes and doors made noise.
- 2th floor, sounds like rumbling, the shake was weak.

In Narón (74 km SE iof the epicenter; population=34,996)
- 4th floor, dishes and doors made noise.
- Ground floor, hanging objects swung.

In Bergondo (79 km SE of epicenter ; population=6,446)
- 2nd. Clearly felt. Woke up everyone. Lasted 20 seconds. No damage.

In Miño (79 km SE of epicenter ; population=5,092)
- 3th floor, many people woken up.

In Mos (172 km S of epicenter ; population=14,283)
- People noticed it but no real shake felt.